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Muscle Car Of The Week Video #81: 1967 Shelby Cobra

Wednesday 05-29-2019

1967 Shelby cobra featured on Muscle Car of the Week!

This 1967 Shelby Cobra is an all-original car, but if it looks a little less aggressive than the side-piped, roll-barred, hood-scoope...

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The Shelby Cobra: How a humbly-built car once beat Ferrari and became a legend

Thursday 05-16-2019

America loves its long and heavy muscle cars with poor handling. Few bothered to change that reputation what with the NASCAR series growing in popularity and more >

The truth behind Shelby’s 1964 “secret weapon” Cobra Daytona Coupe

Tuesday 01-08-2019


Like the gnarled reflections in the polished aluminum skin of this faithful recreation of the legendary race car, the tale of Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, chass...

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